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The Perfect Gift for a First-Time Baby Shower

Having a first child is a milestone in every mother’s life, and having a baby shower that does justice to such a momentous occasion poses many challenges. Typically, the expectant mother’s best friend or her small group of special friends will help her organize the baby shower, and take responsibility to make sure all the guests are accommodated and that the party runs smoothly. They will also struggle with creative ideas in trying to make the shower truly special. If you are someone who is going to be planning a baby shower, you will want to go above and beyond to make it a magical occasion. 

The perfect gift

We have all heard the proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”. In primitive cultures entire tribes would work together to raise a child and offer them a unique gift, or spoken words of wisdom to remain with the child for life. Although in today’s modern culture close friends don’t actually raise another woman’s child, touching elements from this tradition can be incorporated into the party to create the perfect gift—simply ask every baby shower attendant to buy affordable charms that each symbolize a wish or message you want to offer the child.  The mother will be incredibly touched, as the gift will be from her entire circle of friends with a special unified message of love behind each charm. These charms can then be used in making a custom crib mobile, or to decorate the outside of a keepsake box for mom to store a lock of hair from baby’s first haircut, or the fist tooth to be left under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy. The charms can even be used to make a single bracelet or multiple ones for mom to wear. Then some day she can pass the charms down to her then grown child when he/she is old enough to appreciate and value the gift.  

Hundreds of charms

There are hundreds of charms out there, so let your creativity run wild. There are charms with birthstones, initials, animals, flags, the list goes on. You can even get a custom birth date charm that bears the child’s name and birth date in beautiful lettering. 

Symbolism in charms

Stones, gems and colors have various symbolic meanings, depending on what part of the world you come from. In researching color and stone symbolism, you can create a custom message or wish for baby. Here is an example: the color blue symbolizes strength, dependability and coolness if the color’s shade is bright. The origin of this meaning comes from the ocean—a body that sustains life, is beautiful, powerful and cool. When looking for a charm that conveys these traits you wish to adorn the child with, consider one made from Lapis Lazuli. This stone was used as tradable currency as far back as in Ancient Egypt, and was used to create blue dye in the famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance. Lapis is Latin for “stone” and “lazuli” is the genitive form of the Medieval Latin “lazulum” meaning “heaven” or “sky”. Therefore, its literal meaning is “blue sky”. Lapis has long since symbolized truth, protection and clarity. Therefore, by giving baby a lapis charm, you can tell mom the dual symbolic meaning of the stone, and the traits you are bestowing on her child.

Put on your thinking cap

Having party guests each go out and hunt down unique charms to form a unified message of love and good wishes will make for a very special baby shower. If you are planning on throwing a baby shower, be sure to put on your thinking cap and get creative with the symbolic message that you want your charm to speak. Also, be sure to appoint someone who can record each charm’s unique message in a book, as well as the name of the guest who gave the charm. By organizing this activity/gift, you will truly earn a gold star that proclaims “best party ever”.

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