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The Perfect Gift for any Dog-Lover

As dog-owners, we know that our furry children aren’t just “pets”. They are family. Having a representative form of our pets is just as appropriate as having them for other family members. In fact, the English poet Samuel Johnson proclaimed that he would rather have a portrait of a dog he knew, than all the allegorical paintings in the world thrown before him. There are many ways in which one can get creative in making a representation of their dog—even wearable ones. Continue reading and let’s discover how dog Italian charms provide dog-lovers with the perfect way to express their love for their beloved pooch.


Italian charms can be used in many ways to display your love for Fido and dog-lovers get extremely creative and personal when they piece the charm bracelets together. Weather the charm bracelet is to be added to your dog’s collar, or if it is something for you to wear on your wrist, there are many ways in which you can create a custom trinket that will turn heads. Here are some artistic suggestions for your consideration:

  • Choose a charm that displays your dog’s breed. Weather you have a Poodle or a Pug, there are charms for every breed known to wag its tail.
  • Select a birthstone charm that reflects the month of your dog’s birth. If your pup was born in May, the Emerald charm will look stunning. There are birthstone charms for every month of the calendar that come in a variety of styles.  
  • Add letters. You can add a single initial letter that stands for your dog’s name, or you can spell out the name in full. There are even 24-karat gold letter charms that will give your bracelet that extra spark of elegance.
  • Take personalization to the next level and incorporate a charm that represents your dog’s uniqueness. Does your dog have a Disney toy he lugs around? Do you and your pal with paws watch the Chicago Cubs games together? You can add a Disney charm or any MLB team charm to reflect a specific thing your dog loves, or to represent a pastime you and your dog share together.

Making a memorial

One of the hardest things we face in life is losing a loved one. In an article published by the non-profit group Help Guide, one way of dealing with the loss of a pet is to make a memorial. The article states that we all deal with grief differently, and what may help some may not necessarily help others. However, the author writes that by creating something that depicts your shared joyous memories with your dog, you can honor them while finding a new way to cope with the grief. One could follow the steps listed above in how to create a bracelet, and then rest in on the urn or fuse it to the grave marker. It can also be kept on your dresser or somewhere in plain sight to help you deal with your loss. 

Get creative

The history of the charm bracelet dates back to thousands of years. For centuries people have constructed personal and creative decorative jewelry to wear on their wrists and around their necks. Continue this fun and expressive tradition by choosing a thing or a person that is near and dear to you—your beloved dog is a great subject to start with!

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