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A Creative Gift for Your Son’s Wife on Their Wedding Day

The relationship between a mom and her son is a special one. A boy’s mother is the first woman in his life, and she sets an example for him of what a good woman should be. As a mom, you love your son and want to raise him to be respectful to women, to marry someone worthy, and to have a family of his own. As much as you love your son, when the day comes for him to marry, you may feel a tinge of sadness knowing that you are no longer the main woman in his life. However, you can ease that void by creating a gift to present to your son’s wife on their wedding day. By purchasing an Italian charm for every year of his birth, you can make a bracelet that symbolizes his life under your care, and pass it on to his wife to treasure forever.

Charms for the infant years

There are a wide variety of charms appropriate to represent your son’s infant years. You may want to start with a charm to portray his birth before adding one for each year. There are some stunning baby charms such as the blue pacifier charm, or the “new baby boy” charm that would serve as an excellent starting point.

For the infant and toddler years you can find inspiration to symbolize years one through five by finding a charm that illustrates a favorite toy or a characteristic you first noticed in him. For example, if your son’s favorite toy at age three was a stuffed puppy dog, there are some adorable puppy charms. If your son was obsessed with fire trucks at age four then get a fire truck charm to represent his love for big red noisy things. Any good affordable charms website will offer a search tool that will help you find that specific charm you are looking for.

Charms for grade school years

Most kids begin school at age five or six. Why not use a school bus charm to symbolize that year when your little one started pre-school or grade one? When children reach age seven and eight they often participate in team sports. There are football and baseball charms that will serve as hallmarks for the year your little one became a quarterback or a first baseman. There are charms for every sport imaginable—even some cute hockey charms with great action shots and bright colors.

Charms for teen and college years

A major moment in a boy’s life is when he gets his driver’s license. Selecting one of many car charms to symbolize the year he got his license or learner’s permit would be a fun choice. Or you may want to get a charm to represent his first job. Often, high school boys will get jobs delivering pizza or doing landscaping. There are charms to signify both of those things! When he graduates high school there are a number of graduation charms to honor that special event. When he starts college, why not showcase his scholarly pursuit with a book charm?

Presenting the gift

When presenting this special gift to your son’s wife, you may want to consider giving it to her as an accompaniment with a family heirloom. In an article published by ‘Love To Know Weddings’ the author addresses some ideas for wedding gifts from the groom’s parents. One idea offered is a piece of jewelry that has been in the family for generations. By giving the bride a jeweled heirloom that symbolizes her new family’s history along with the charm bracelet, you will be welcoming her with something symbolic of both the old and the new. It is up to your son and his new bride to continue the family tree, and offering a symbol of him with one that personifies your family’s history will be a meaningful, special gift.

Just get creative and by the time he gets married you will have an amazing life’s story that fits on the bride’s wrist!  

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