Travel Theme European Bead Bracelet


Travel Theme European Bead Bracelet

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Travel Theme European Bead Bracelet with aquamarine colored glass beads with lobster clasp.

Explore the world with elegance wearing our Travel Theme European Bead Bracelet. Adorned with aquamarine-colored glass beads reminiscent of serene waters, it captures the essence of travel adventures.

Finished with a secure lobster clasp, it ensures both style and security on your journey. Embrace wanderlust with this exquisite accessory, perfect for globetrotters and dreamers alike.

Made of a metal alloy with rhodium plating. Charms include Eiffel tower and palm tree bead charms. This bracelet comes premade and ready to wear. Similar to Pandora brand but a fraction of the price. European bead jewelry is the latest fashion trend. Great holiday gift idea!

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